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Interested in Joining iM3 Club Lacrosse?

We're always on the lookout for a few players!

With an incredible Coaching Team and innovative approach to team-building, iM3 Lacrosse provides lacrosse instruction through camps, clinics, private lessons, and group training. In addition, club activities and tournaments are offered throughout the year, as part of our continued pursuit to grow the game of lacrosse through quality instruction and programming.

Lacrosse players shown with numbered jerseys and helmets

The IM3 Club Lacrosse Philosophy: It's all about Teamwork

The iM3 philosophy was created in 2004 to promote team camaraderie. Players in the iM3 Lacrosse program learn teamwork by placing the interests of the ORGANIZATION first, their TEAM and TEAMMATES second, and their OWN personal interests last. By doing so, iM3 Lacrosse creates an environment where our athletes learn to care as much about those around them as they do themselves. Our philosophy creates a strong bond amongst players, and more importantly, teaches life-long lessons that create off-field success for future endeavors.

Why 99?

At iM3 Lacrosse, we believe in the '99'. Ninety Nine is on our apparel, and we break every huddle with a '99' chant. What does it mean? Ninety Nine means that iM3 Lacrosse is not focused solely on the 1% of our players. This doesn't mean that we will not foster and develop Division 1 lacrosse players. On the contrary, the iM3 Lacrosse program and coaching staff will work with every player to grow to their greatest potential and fulfill their dreams by playing lacrosse at the Division 1, 2 and 3 levels.

Focusing on the '99' allows us at iM3 Lacrosse to provide every player with the optimal club experience.

Coach Rich Lefever

Directed by Rich Lefever

US Lacrosse Hall of Fame Inductee

In eleven years at the high school level, Lefever produced 17 High School All-Americans, 85 All-League players, 38 All-District players, 12 District Players of the Year, in addition to, the National Record Holders for Most Points in a Career (589) and Most Goals in a Season (118). For his achievements, Lefever was named Coach of the Year five times.

Coach Lefever became Director of Lacrosse at the Spooky Nook Sports Complex in 2014, and has helped create Spooky Nook as the hub for Central Pennsylvania's lacrosse instruction and league play. Read Full Bio >>


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